Terry Somerville

Hello everyone,


I'm Terry Somerville, general manager of Spirit FM and president of Total Change Christian Ministries, our parent organization.  Total Change is a federal non profit corporation and a registered charity. 


The first ministry of Total Change was producing a Christian radio program for KNTR 1550 in Ferndale Wa. In 1991 we began producing the Total Change TV program, the longest running program on CRTV. By 2000 we were broadcasting coast to coast on satellite.  We also conduct overseas ministry in places like India,  and have two  missionaries in the Phillipines.  You may want to join a team one day. 


Two years ago we began working on Christian radio for Campbell River. It was along process but here we are. For a detailed history of the radio station click here. SPIRIT FM HISTORY



 In October 2010 we received government permission to operate CHVI 88.7 FM as a division of Total Change Ministries. We are licensed on the condition that we operate as a non profit broadcaster and not compete with the other stations for advertising dollars.  This means we can not sell advertising but depend on support from listeners and sponsors to operate. It is tax deductible.   We need....


SPONSORS - individuals or businesses who commit to underwriting a portion of our operation.  - the tower lease, or a portion of our broadcast program for example.   In appreciation businesses receive "on air corporate mentions"  -  a public thank you everyone hears!  


PARTNERS - commit to giving a fixed amount each month with pre authorized checks or VISA. Partners give us a dependable budget.


LISTENER SUPPORT -  We appreciate any support you can give. You can really hear the ministry at work. 


Music can be automated, voice can't. With more support we can have more voice broadcasting. We want to reach Campbell River for Christ.  It really is YOUR RADIO!  


To Support Christian Radio Click here.

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