The Name


There are a few Spirit FM’s out there! Total Change Ministries Inc. bought the equipment, programs etc. from Terry Fleming formerly of “Spirit 97 FM” Lethbridge Alberta – the 2nd Spirit FM hook name in North America. What is a hook name? Glad you asked, In Canada all radio stations have a legal name that begins with “C” such as CKWX or CFCP CFUN (except Internet stations and some that existed in Newfoundland before becoming a part of Canada. Many radio stations also have hook names in addition to their legal names. For example, “The River” is a hook name which is in many cities, then there are others “Spirit FM”, “Magic FM” Jack F.M. etc. A hook name cannot be registered or copywritten.


Internet Radio

In 2009 Total Change Ministries Inc. purchased the programs, equipment and transmitter from Terry  Fleming,  long time radio announcer and former owner of Spirit FM in Lethbridge AB.  Terry was our consultant setting up the NEW Spirit FM and providing training in operating the automated programs. The outcome is Christian FM and internet radio in Campbell River B.C.


There are two places (easy to spot) on this web site where you can listen to the NEW Spirit FM. We hope you enjoy the great Christian contemporary music, plus some Praise & Worship and some Christian rock for the youth at night mixed in.


Broadcast FM

On April 13 the station passed Industry Canada tests and began broadcasting.


Our Engineer

Roger De Brabant  from Timmins Ontario has been our engineer. Roger and is well repsected in the business for Low Power FM stations in Canada with a high success rate. Roger also owns one FM Christian station in Timmins Ontario and with 15 repeater stations throughout Ontario and western Canada - ”The Good News Network”


If you are one gifted in Intercessory praying, we need CHRISTians to do this 24-7, contact Pastor Terry Somerville and let him know you would like to do this.

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