Program / Music Director 2011-2015


 Trever was also on our boaord until 2019


Trever Wickens 


 My Vision for Spirit FM


      Growing up, I always listened to radio, loving all kinds of music. My spirit has often been blessed, softened, and raised up when feeling low. There are times Christian music has met me exactly where I needed it.


     I see Spirit FM as a way to use my gifting for the glory of God; to bring musicians and artist together, to grow biblically sound in their gifting, with an intense desire for Worship. In these times, we are close to Jesus return. I feel incredibly spurred on to follow God’s leading by giving myself to ministry through Spirit FM, as their Music/Program Director.


     Having led worship in a variety of denominations as a worship Pastor, I see the need for well chosen, meaningful, God glorifying music. My prayer is to be able to choose songs that will take you on a worship journey, when you choose to stop and worship with Spirit FM, or when you tune in on a 10 minute drive to work.


     I have a huge heart for new songs written from within our community. There are many talented individuals in each congregation that are feeling unsure about stepping up and using their gifting. I want to follow God’s word to us to spur each other on. Some times we need to just get together with individuals that DO what we are TRYING to do. There is so much we can teach each other. THE GOAL is to have a strong community of musicians and artists growing in their own Church families. 

      My wife Tanya and I both attended North West Baptist Theological College. I also have an Audio Engineering Degree from Columbia Academy of Radio, Television and Recording Arts.  My heart is to equip worshipers of God that are a JOY to their Pastors and their churches, in any areas they have need. We also have a desire to spur on artists to take worship outside the church walls and into the community for evangelism.


     Spirit FM is a Non-Profit Organization under Total Change Ministries. That means that we need your help to stay on the air. Businesses, churches, and individuals are needed that will sponsor Spirit FM on a monthly basis. These donations of support go to the expenses of running the radio station.  At this time It is my responsibility to raise my own support for my position as Music director.  Any support intended for Trever Wickens has to be ear marked to Trever Wickens, but the cheque must be made to Total Change Ministries to properly support the position of Music Director.  



      My wife Tanya and I have felt led to join in what God is doing with Spirit FM. We have four kids that love the Lord and attend the Christian school in Campbell River.  I managed the Sound Advice Music Store in Campbell River for a few years until the owners closed the store due to the economy. I lost a job I really enjoyed. I was placed back in the dilemma of choosing job or ministry. God had stirred my heart for a couple of years concerning the ministry of Spirit FM. It has been a year now as Music Director and we have seen real growth in many areas.  I am always told that tracparency is the best way to go when sharing my life in ministry.  Some support has come in, I am at $500 dollars a month at this time. (April 14th 2011) I have definately had times when I am feeling the need to get a real paying job, so I can pay my own bills and raise my four kids.  God continues to encourage me to keep going.  So here we are, I want to be Jesus hands reaching out to those in this community and beyond, using a platform of music and the arts.


     Again my family and I pray that God would put it on individuals hearts to join with us in this ministry by donating on a monthly basis. This can be done through the parent non-profit organization Total Change Ministries and ear-marked to Trever Wickens. Information can be found on the Support Us page. We also need those individuals to be prayer warriors for us, continually lifting us and this ministry in prayer. Our desire is to be close with our supporters and keep everyone included and well informed of what is happening; blessings, miracles, and hardships. 


      Please contact me at to get together and chat more if interested in supporting our family in this ministry.  Email me saying you want to support me and pray for me daily so I can put you on my support list and share with you how we are doing.

      A huge thank you for prayerfully considering the support of our ministry. Blessings to you all.

Sincerely, Trever Wickens

The Wickens Family 


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