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Hear Rev Charles Nyane from Ghana West Africa  talk about revival, spiritual warfare, casting out demons and seeing Canada changed!

   Interview Sept 6, 2011

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- featured in our interview with Anna Price


The Pass Thru Prophecy  from Dennis XPO   NAIROBI KENYA 


Hi, pass through is what I call a spiritual song. It is inspired from Isaiah 62. The chorus is a direct quotation of Verse 10. The song was birthed in a place of prayer in early 2008, i was 23 then. We were couped up in the house my family and I, because kenyans were killing and fighting each other at that time coz of an election crisis. As I knelt praying for my nation, I felt the spirit of the Lord leading me to Isaiah 62. The season for believers to arise and shine (Isaiah 60) is now. We are to prepare the way for the people. In our spheres of influence, we are to infiltrate the ranks with a Kingdom message and lead many to Christ. We are to "remove the stones" that is, we are to demonstrate the power of christ, by prayer, breaking the power of the enemy as well as yokes of slavery. Snatching many from the flames. God bless you so much for your ministry. Grace and peace to you




- SHALOM RAPPERZ  - featuring Hum Kay   -






 THE NEW MAN - Ivan Nohell  - Levite Clan   featuring Mac Elvis








Super Miracle    by Memory Tom




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